I’m an experienced digital professional with skills and experience covering content strategy, digital strategy and strategic partnerships. I’ve spent much of my career embracing technical and editorial innovation, interpreting new digital platforms & products to help people reach audiences.

My skills include:

  • Understanding the benefits of digital technologies and explaining them to a non-technical audience
  • How content strategy enables organisations to properly communicate with their audiences
  • How a digital strategy makes reaching those audiences easier and more efficient
    Building and managing partnerships for the benefits of all partners
  • Public speaking, presenting, moderating and training

I’ve spent most of my career at the BBC and here are just a few things I did there that I’m proud of:

  • Evangelising for the Research and Education Space, a ground-breaking data platform that indexed linked open data published by cultural organisations and persuading EdTech companies to build products using it.
  • Opening up the BBC’s archive so more than a million programmes could be watched or heard by people in education.
  • Getting regulatory approval for products like iPlayer, iPlayer Radio, Your Tracks, more apps that I can remember and the BBC’s eBook strategy.
  • Creating commercial value for the BBC’s public service brands, such as at the cBeebiesLand theme park.
  • Bringing a dead Austrian composer back to life on Twitter for Radio 3 so he could chat to on-air presenters in real time (and convincing Radio 3 of what live-streaming could do for them) 
  • Understanding the transformative power of social media and persuading the BBC that they needed to be on Facebook and YouTube, not ignoring it.
  • Working out that you had to change the way you shot and edited video if it was going to work on small screens and writing the BBC’s first a/v production guidelines.
  • Persuading BBC One that a programme trying to reunite missing people needed more than just a digital brochure. By using message boards the website was able to reunite as many people as all the TV and radio programmes put together.
  • Recognising that the web is an inherently live medium and starting cricket coverage on the BBC news website

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